• The Phoenix Paraglider Wheelchair

    The Ergonomics and Safety Program developed a paraglider that can be used by paraplegics.

  • Shoulder Stress Modeling ...

    A computational study of shoulder muscle forces during pushing tasks.

  • Amputee Gait with Vacuum Socket Suspension...

    This research deals with the motions and forces of how amputees walk. The data from the research is collected using a 10 video camera system to capture and track reflective markers as subjects walk down a 10 meter walkway.

  • Biomechanics During a Dismounting Task from a Simulated Railcar...

    This study is to investigate lower extremity biomechanics during a dismounting task from a simulate railcar.

  • Four Manual Propulsion Wheelchair Evaluations...

    Metabolic, maneuverability and usability of four manual propulsion wheelchairs.

  • Effects of Muscle Fatigue on Truck Driver Biomechanics ...

    Objective: To quantify risk factors that can influence slips, trips, and falls while accessing a truck cabin.

  • Simulation of Knee Contact Force...

    Project Goal: Successfully determine knee contact force during different gait patterns using a computer based musculoskeletal model.

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    Under the direction of Dr. Mark Minor (PI), a team of researchers from the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science and Physical Therapy have joined together to develop technology and methods to understand Parkinsons disease gait and revolutionize training therapy to reduce falls. This work is funded by the National Science Foundation (#1162131).

The Ergonomics Program at UU is a part of the Rocky Mountain Center for Occupational and Environmental Health (RMCOEH), an Education and Research Center supported partially by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH).

Recent Activity

ErgoLab members published in “Clinical Biomechanics” journal.

ErgoLab members published in "Clinical Biomechanics" journal.

A paper under title of "Vacuum level effects on gait characteristics for unilateral transtibial amputees with elevated vacuum suspension" by Hang Xu, Kasey Greenland, Donald Bloswick, Jie Zhao and Andrew Merryweather has been published in Elsevier journal of Clinical Biomechanics. Congratulation! Find abstract here: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0268003317300530  [...]

The Tetra Universal Controller to be Showcased at CES 2017

The Tetra Universal Controller to be Showcased at CES 2017

Deseret News: SALT LAKE CITY — Four innovative University of Utah technologies will be exhibited at CES 2017, the world’s largest and best-known consumer electronics and consumer technology trade show, which runs Jan. 5-8 in Las Vegas. This marks the U.’s third consecutive year at the event — and largest representation yet. The U. technol[...]

NORA Symposium 2017

NORA Symposium 2017

Please join us for the 15th Annual NORA Symposium 2017 . The University of Utah’s Rocky Mountain Center for Occupational and Environmental Health (RMCOEH) and Department of Mechanical Engineering announce the 15th Annual Regional National Occupational Research Agenda (NORA) Young/New Investigators Symposium. The goal of this conference is to assemble interested students (undergraduate and graduate!) a[...]

PhD Proposal Defense Announcement

PhD Proposal Defense Announcement

A Real Time Method for Evaluating and Monitoring Heat Stress Potential Using Wearable Biosensors By:  Kryztopher D. Tung Tuesday, May 3rd, 2016, Room: MEK 3660, 11:00 am Committee Members: Dr. Andrew Merryweather (Chair) Dr. Thomas Bernard Dr. Donald Bloswick Dr. Rod Handy Dr. Robert Roemer Summary: Heat related illness is especially prominent in working populations that perform routine physical labor in [...]